Growing up in South Devon U.k Photographer Alex Franklin had no television for the first 10 years of his life. His love of design and photography came from many books and the Sunday Times supplement. His father would read it and then it would be left to an area of the house where everybody could peruse it at their leisure. That coupled with the occasional glimpse of an Olympus Pen half frame fueled his desire for image making which has continued to this day.

After his studies at Bournemouth and Poole college of art and design then assisting some world class fashion, advertising and editorial photographers, allegiances soon shifted from the subjects that were being photographed to the locations and built environments he was in. He brings to his work all this experience as well as the eye of the person for which the architecture and spaces were intended. Inclusive in this are years of working with light, space, shape and form for a wide range of architects, interior designers, developers and publishers.

Alex is based by the coast which is a constant source of inspiration and calm and regularly travels the British Isles and much further afield for commissions and in search of interesting architectural images. Clients include Clearwater Productions, James Gorst Architecture, YSA, Simplestyle, Brinkworth Design, Available light, Insitu, IA Interior architects, Advertising M&A, 3Tv. Alex’s work has featured in Blueprint, Frame, Theme, Architects Journal, Architecture Today, Building Design, Surface and Its Nice That. Books, Elements of Style (Octopus Publishing), Interior Detailing and Design (Lawrence King), Still Open (Black Dog Publishing), Interior Design by Jenny Grove (RIBA Publishing) The Old New House by Marc Kristal (Abrams Books).

I believe in realising the architects and clients vision within the medium of image fabrication so that not only is the project documented but that the images created are stand alone abstract or pictorial architectural portraits.

“We have used Alex Franklin as the photographer of our projects on a number of occasions. He is technically brilliant and has an eye not only for capturing the obvious virtues of a building but also for bringing out their more covert and nuanced qualities.”  James Gorst.



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